Тест на определение оптимальной профессии

Нашёл в интернете интересный психологический тест на определение оптимальной профессии. Этот тест предлагает компания сертифицированная по ISO 9001 компания brainbench.com бесплатно. Вот ссылка.

А вот мои результаты:

Dear Sergey Kamenev:

Here are your Brainbench Personality Assessment Results.
Please review these results carefully and refer to the interpretation notes at the bottom.


Trait |<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->| Trait
Introverted |………………….X……………..| Extraverted
Candid |………………….X……………..| Considerate
Impulsive |..X……………………………….| Cautious
Excitable |……….X………………………..| Relaxed
Practical |………………X…………………| Imaginative
Concrete |………………………………..X.| Abstract
|<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->|

Your Social Boldness: Introverted VS Extraverted
You are slightly extraverted. It’s so nice to be you. You
are comfortable being the center of attention, and you are
just as comfortable sitting back and letting others take
the spotlight. Your warm and friendly personality allows
you to take a leadership role – that is, if you want it. In general, you do not mind public speaking, but sometimes you have to be in the proper frame of mind to feel at ease when making a presentation. When you believe in something, you do not hesitate to state your mind. People enjoy when you do this, because you have a cheerful way about you. At times, you seek thrills, and adventure, but a night home relaxing is just as fun for you.

Your Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate
You are slightly considerate. Social harmony is important
to you, as is evidenced by your cooperative, generous, and helpful nature. If someone asks you what you want to do, you may reply, “whatever you want”. That is not because you are indecisive, rather you genuinely want the other person to be happy, and so whatever they want to do is fine with you. In general, you are straightforward and sincere with others, which makes you very likeable. People always know where you stand. You regard others positively – you trust people and feel they are honest, so you have no problem responding in kind. No one will accuse you of being arrogant. Your self-esteem is just fine, but you do not think you are better than anyone else. Your desire to help others is seen in your altruistic nature. You enjoy helping others and you do not expect anything in return.

Your Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious
You are very impulsive. You are an independent thinker. You
do not need a book of rules to tell you how to behave – you know inside what is right and what is wrong and you act accordingly. You are able to live life spontaneously, because you are able to make decisions without endless deliberation. In fact, when you and another person are making a decision, you are able to reach a solution fairly quickly while the other person has to cautiously plan every step. Eventually, they will agree with you, which is frustrating when your first impulse is usually the correct one in the decision-making process. You tend to be a little more casual, and you do not feel out of sorts when your home or office is not perfectly neat. In general, your life is pleasurable – you know how to have fun and will never be accused of being staid or stuffy.

Your Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed
You are moderately excitable. In trying situations, you
feel somewhat stressed and frustrated. At times you are
able to overcome these feelings, but other times you feel overwhelmed. This could run the gamut of just being in a bad mood to experiencing anxiety, anger, or depression. In general, you prefer a stress-free existence, so that the possibility of negative emotions would not be a factor. You tend to be somewhat self-conscious in social situations, and are worried that people may judge or criticize you. You may react emotionally to people or circumstances that you find threatening, because you want to protect yourself. Every so often you cave into urges or cravings. Sometimes you feel a little guilty about it, other times you are just fine with your fun streak.

Your Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative
You are slightly practical. It is apparent to those who
meet you that you are well educated. You are able to speak
on a complex level to one audience, but adjust to a more
basic level for another. You are bright and capable of
thinking logically. On one hand you are down-to-earth and traditional, while on the other hand you are creative and imaginative. Sometimes you feel more comfortable with familiarity and routine in your life, other times new and novel experiences are more enjoyable. You are not afraid to try new things. You tend to like to do a variety of different activities, so you do not grow bored.

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract
You are very abstract in your thinking. You tend to be
quick to grasp ideas, are a fast learner and intelligent.
You possess a hallmark of intelligence that potentially separates human beings from earlier life forms, the ability to think about future consequences before acting on an impulse. Your reasoning activity involves contemplation of long-range goals, organizing and planning routes to these goals, and persisting toward one’s goals in the face of short-lived impulses to the contrary. You also have keen interests in intellectual matters and love to play with ideas and think theoretically. You tend to be open-minded to new and unusual ideas, and like to debate intellectual issues. You often enjoy riddles, puzzles, and brainteasers.


Investigative people prefer to think rather than to act or
to organize and understand. They are not apt to be too
“people oriented.” The I type generally likes to explore
and understand things or events. They enjoy gathering information, uncovering new facts or theories and analyzing and interpreting data. The I type usually has math and science abilities, and likes to work alone and to solve problems. They generally avoid leading, selling or persuading people. They see themselves as precise, scientific, and intellectual.

The adjectives most typically associated with the
Investigative occupational category are:
analytical cautious
complex critical
curious independent
inquisitive intellectual
introverted logical
methodical modest
observant pessimistic
precise questioning
rational reserved
scientific scholarly


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recommend based on your personality and occupational
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(1) The report sent to your computer screen upon the
completion of this assessment is only a temporary web page. When you exit your web browser you will not be able to return to this URL to re-access your report. A copy of the report is emailed directly to you when you complete the assessment.

(2) Personality traits describe, relative to other people,
the frequency or intensity of a person’s feelings,
thoughts, or behaviors. Possession of a trait is therefore
a matter of degree. We might describe two individuals as extraverts, but still see one as more extraverted than the other. This report uses expressions such as “extravert” or “high in extraversion” to describe someone who is likely to be seen by others as relatively extraverted.

(3) Please keep in mind that scores on a personality
assessment are neither good nor bad. As with any
personality inventory, scores and descriptions can only approximate an individual’s actual personality. Questions about the accuracy of your results are best resolved by reviewing and discussing your report with people who know you well.

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